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Durability, versatiliy, and consistency
Powder coating has seen a massive increase of use in commercial and industrial finishing projects in the past 30 years, reaching as much as 15% market share. The reasons are clear: few other materials offer the level of durability, versatility and consistency powder coating does, let alone for the price. At Kamloops Powder Coatings, we have streamlined our processes to work with incredible efficiency and competence, allowing us to pass the savings onto you.
Full satisfaction guarantee
Now under new ownership, Kamloops Powder Coatings has been operating since 1998 providing premium powder coating and sandblasting services for the BC Interior. We take pride in the fact that we’re offered the trust of our community in Kamloops, standing by our work with a full satisfaction guarantee. Our aim is to help educate you on powder coating application options so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. We understand that each project is unique, and we give our full attention to each one that comes into our shop.


powder coating solutions

in Kamloops, BC

Iron Cross powder coated in Kamloops

Versatile and consistent dry finishing services

Whether you’re in need of industrial-strength finishing for heavy machinery or common household items, Kamloops Powder Coatings is equal to the task. Our finishes boast superior gloss and color, excellent weather resistance, workable mechanical properties, very smooth flow, excellent edge coverage and outstanding resistance to chalking.
Hub cap powder coated in Kamloops
We have carry hundreds of colors in our inventory, with special order colors available through multiple suppliers, and can achieve a wide variety of textures that can bring out the best qualities of our clients’ substrates.
Iron Cross powder coated in Kamloops
Powder coating produces no atmosphere-harming VOCs, and the overspray can be reclaimed for later use, making it one of the eco-friendliest finishing solutions available.

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